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Spadina-Fort York is an incredible riding! We share a rich history, a feast of cultural offerings, an influential and dynamic business and finance community, a wonderfully diverse and growing population, and much more.

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Artist's Corner

“Jefferson Forest” by Lesley Block


"Flower Power" by Lesley Block

South African born, Lesley Block has resided in the GTA since 1987. Her love for colour and vibrancy comes from her African origins. Lesley uses her artwork to inspire people with disabilities, mental health disorders and their caregivers. Her work includes florals, landscape, collage and abstract.


Monianne Barratt captured this beautiful image in Coronation Park on Remembrance Day. In a conversation, Monianne taught me the meaning of photography. She says it comes from the Latin words for "drawing with light".


Caroline Lama is an architect and a painter living in Toronto. The distinctive style in her colourful paintings and collages reflects the vibrant spirit, atmosphere and richness of the many places that she visited. In this piece entitled "Niagara Falls Triptych", the view shows the juxtaposition of random geometric shapes from different textural material ‐ wood, beads, metal, broken plastic toy pieces, cloth, lint, parchment paper drenched in cooking oil and matches. When viewed close‐up, you can see abstract geometric shapes. Moving away, the shapes merge into a clearer landscape.


If you are a local artist, we would love to share your work with the community by publishing it in my newsletter and website. If you’re interested in sharing your art, please email us at [email protected]. Art submitted must be accompanied by a short description (50 words or less).