Chris Glover MPP, Spadina–Fort York

Government of Ontario

Climate Change Advocacy

Concerned about Climate Change?

For those looking at getting more involved in climate activism, I encourage you to review, support and connect with the many organizations that are active on climate issues.


350 Canada

Apathy Is Boring


Climate Emergency Unit

Climate Action Network


Environmental Defence

Foundation for Environmental Stewardship


Ontario Clean Air Alliance

Shake Up The Establishment

The Atmospheric Fund

The National Observer

Toronto Environmental Alliance

U of T Trash Team

Your input will help boost Toronto’s on-street EV charging

Have you filled in the survey yet? Many residents want to drive an electric vehicle (EV), but if you don’t have a garage or driveway to charge, you may be out of luck. TAF is surveying Toronto residents to learn where and how quickly EV chargers are required in the community. We need your participation to inform City Councillors and staff. Complete this 2-minute survey to show how much demand there is for EV charging.

Ontario is expanding eligibility for ownership of renewable energy projects

The Ontario government has expanded eligibility for third party ownership of net-metered renewable energy systems. This initiative will support a wide range of building and business owners cut their energy bills and carbon emissions, even if they don’t have the up-front capital or expertise. We have urged the Ministry of Energy to ensure that customers with net meters are also allowed to participate in the government’s recently proposed ultra-low overnight Time-of-Use option, which will further help home and business owners save on electricity bills and encourage EV adoption.