Chris Glover MPP, Spadina–Fort York

Government of Ontario


Enact The Cleaning Up Corruption Act - SIGN HERE

Call on the Ontario Government to pass the Ontario NDP’s Cleaning up Corruption Act in order to increase the powers of the Auditor General and the Integrity Commissioner to clean up corruption and restore confidence in the Government of Ontario.


Save Ontario Place - SIGN HERE

Call on the Ontario Government to stop any further development plans for Ontario Place, engage in meaningful and transparent public consultations, develop a comprehensive and sustainable plan for the revitalization of Ontario Place, and ensure that any future development of Ontario Place is carried out in a transparent and accountable manner, with proper oversight, public input, and adherence to democratic processes.


Bring Back Rent Control - SIGN HERE

Call on the Ontario Government to protect tenants from predatory rent increases and pass the Rent Control for All Tenants Act to ensure renters can live in safe and affordable homes.


Endometriosis Awareness and Action - SIGN HERE

Endometriosis affects 1 in 10 women and causes severe and chronic pain, infertility, and fatigue, disrupting a person’s ability to participate meaningfully in society. Call on the Ontario Government to invest more resources towards endometriosis awareness and care.


Support the University of Sudbury - SIGN HERE

Call on the Ontario Government to support the University of Sudbury.


Support Gender Affirming Health Care - SIGN HERE

Call on the Ontario Government to support MPP Kristyn Wong-Tam's Private Member's Bill -- The Gender Affirming Health Care Advisory Committee Act to improve access to and coverage for gender-affirming health care in Ontario.


Protect the Greenbelt and Repeal Bill 23 - SIGN HERE

Call on the Ontario Government to immediately repeal Bill 23, stop all plans to further remove protected land from the Greenbelt and protect existing farmland in the province by passing the NDP's Protecting Agricultural Land Act.


Stop Bill 39, Save Local Democracy - SIGN HERE

Call on the Ontario Government to withdraw Bill 39 which allows the Premier to bulldoze local decision-making by allowing the mayors of Toronto and Ottawa to pass bylaws on its priorities with the support of just one-third of city council.


Stop Ford's Health Care Privatization Plan - SIGN HERE

Call on the Ontario Government to repeal Bill 124, remove barriers to license thousands of more health care workers, incentivize doctors and nurses to live and work in Northern Ontario and provide more funding to hospitals. We must stop Ford and Health Minister Jones from privatizing parts of health care.


Ontario Needs a Homelessness & Housing Strategy - SIGN HERE

Call on the Ontario Government to meet the City of Toronto’s request for funding to achieve their housing goals, and for the government to address the homelessness and housing affordability crises by instituting rent control, adopting the housing-first model, and restoring the goal of ending homelessness by 2025.



Call on the Ontario Government to immediately double the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) and Ontario Works (OW) rates.


Everyone Deserves a Home - SIGN HERE

Petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario to make renting more affordable, give renters more security, make it easier to buy a home, strengthen homebuyers’ protections, and end homelessness giving more people safe and stable housing options.


Stop Homelessness - SIGN HERE

Housing is a human right. We have the power and ability to ensure a safe and stable home for every Ontarian. Add your name to support immediate action.


Create Transparency for Condo Owners and Tenants - SIGN HERE

Call on the Government to increase the transparency of purchasing, owning and living in a condominium unit.


Universal Childcare in Ontario - SIGN HERE

Call on the Ontario Government to sign and commit to the federal child care plan and follow the Roadmap to Universal Child Care in Ontario developed by the Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care in collaboration with the Association of Early Childhood Educators Ontario.


Take Action on Islamophobia - SIGN HERE

Call on the Legislative Assembly of Ontario to follow the calls to action directed at provincial governments in the National Council of Canadian Muslims’ recommendations to the National Summit on Islamophobia.


Protect Migratory Birds in Ontario - SIGN HERE

Call on the Government to mandate a Bird Friendly Building Design standard in Ontario's Building Code, which would require bird-friendly materials to be used in new residential and commercial building windows.


Stop Overdose Deaths - SIGN HERE

Urge the provincial government to declare the opioid overdose crisis what it is: a public health emergency.


Stop Doug Ford from Cutting Mental Health Care - SIGN HERE

Demand that the government reverses Doug Ford’s $330 million per year funding cut to Ontario’s mental health services.


Ontario Needs to Collect Educational Development Charges - SIGN HERE

Call on the government to collect education development charges from developers to ensure that we are able to build public schools in high-density communities where land value is skyrocketing and repair, retrofit and improve existing school infrastructure.


Support Universal Pharmacare - SIGN HERE

Support a universal provincial Pharmacare plan for all Ontarians.


Stop the Endless Construction Noise - SIGN HERE

Demand that the government corrects their changes to the start time of noisy construction of 6:00 am.


Stop Hydro Rate Hikes for Apartments and Condos - SIGN HERE

Demand that the government takes action to stop outrageous hydro rate hikes for people trying to make ends meet.


Respect Local Planning - SIGN HERE

Our community and local representatives must have their voice heard when making development decisions in our neighbourhood. Add your name to call on the Province to stop unliteral ministerial zoning orders.


Stop Changes to the Endangered Species Act - SIGN HERE

Demand that the government stops scheming to allow developers to pay to violate the Endangered Species Act.


Reverse Cuts to Flood Management - SIGN HERE

Demand that the government reverses the cuts to flood management, make the investments in infrastructure and the DRAO needed to protect the communities and homes on the shores of the Great Lakes.


Stop Cuts to OSAP - SIGN HERE

Demand that the Minister of Training, Colleges, and Universities reverse the recently announced OSAP cuts, protect the existing tuition grants, and reinstate the six-month interest-free grace period after graduation.


Restore TTC Funding - SIGN HERE

Properly fund transit by restoring the TTC's operating cost subsidies to pre-Harris era levels.


Stop Cuts to Legal Aid - SIGN HERE

Demand that the government takes a leadership role in ensuring Pro Bono Ontario has a long-term, stable source of funding that specifically supports its court-based help centers.


Save our Health Care - SIGN HERE

Demand the government abandon Bill 74, The People's Health Care Act, and focus on improving our province’s not for profit delivery of a universal healthcare system.