Chris Glover MPP, Spadina–Fort York

Government of Ontario

Tech Talks

As the Ontario Critic for Technology Development and Innovation, I have been having conversations with various entrepreneurs, local start-ups and IT professionals to learn how the Provincial Government can improve the climate for technology and innovation in Ontario.


TechTalk 1: Divergence

  • In the future, will your therapist send you home with a portable EEG? Can modifying your brainwaves improve your mental health? Divergence is working on it.

TechTalk 2: Vaccine Finder App

  • Want to know where to get vaccinated?
    Just ask the app Ashish and Zain created - they did in three hours what the Ontario government couldn't do in a year.

TechTalk 3: Hypha Worker Co-operative

  • Tech workers - Would you want to work in a start-up where decisions are made democratically and everyone has an equal ownership share?
    Maybe a worker co-op is the right place for you.

TechTalk 4: Research and Innovation at York University

  • Wheelchairs controlled with eye movement? Wigs designed by artificial intelligence? Join me for this discussion with representatives from York University's Research and Innovation Centre.

TechTalk 5: Tech Masters

  • From startup to enterprise, Ahmad Nassri discusses how he navigated the world of tech as a newcomer to Canada and making Ontario a global tech leader.

TeckTalk 6: Using Seismic Data to Measure the Effectiveness of Lockdowns

  • In this episode, I speak to a grade 9 student who has used seismic data to measure the effectiveness of lockdowns.

TechTalk 7: QR Codes for Contact Tracing

  • Could this app prevent the next pandemic and even the seasonal flu? Enjoy this interview with Chris Gale and special guest host Dini Petty.

TechTalk 8: Toronto Global

  • Can cold calls attract tech companies? Stephen Lund from Toronto Global promotes growth in Ontario's tech ecosystem.

TechTalk 9: Saving Lives with Sound

  • Can changing the sounds of medical alarms actually save lives? I sit down with Professor Michael Schutz from McMaster University.

TechTalk 10: VFX and Animation

  • Have you ever wondered how they create the special effects in movies that we love? VFX and animation experts explain how Hollywood creates the special effects in the movies that we love! If you’re curious about VFX, or want to learn more about how movies are made, this episode is for you!