Chris Glover MPP, Spadina–Fort York

Government of Ontario

Stop Overdose Deaths


WHEREAS Toronto saw an increase in deaths due to opioid overdoses last year with a total of 521 fatalities in 2020;

WHEREAS the situation has continued to worsen in 2021, such that the first three months of 2021 saw a 102% increase in fatal suspected opioid overdose calls compared to the first three months of 2020;

WHEREAS the increase in deaths due to opioid overdose has been described by the Toronto Medical Officer of Health as “unprecedented”;

WHEREAS we need urgent action from the provincial government to save lives;

THEREFORE, we the undersigned petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario to:

declare the opioid overdose crisis in Ontario a public health emergency, and commit funding for comprehensive, evidence-based local health and community initiatives such as harm reduction strategies, awareness programs, anti-stigma training, residential treatment, and overdose prevention services.


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